Baker Branding Photos

Telling her story just got that much easier for this baker, DaLivya of Dee’lightful Bliss with Branding Photos to tell her story. Read more…

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Baker Branding Photos | Da’Livya

Baker Branding Photos | Da’Livya



Photos and Phases Baker Branding Photos
Baker Branding Photos
Da’Livya Gordon of Dee’lightful Bliss

I recently went to Dee’lightful Bliss, located at 5040 Summer Ave Suite 3B in Memphis, TN. In 2012, Da’Livya started baking as a hobby then turned it into a business. The passion and love for baking keeps her going today. Getting Branding Photos for this amazing baker is how we are here today! Take a look further to see how we made Da’Livya’s Branding Photos personable to her brand.

She wanted her photos to be fun but she also wanted people to see the humanity of her craft. If you’re a Baker looking for Branding Photos, telling your story gets that much easier. So Memphis, if you have a birthday or a wedding coming up, or want to take baking classes… Hit up Dee’lightful Bliss Bakery and let them hook you up with the baking skills or some sweet goodies to die for.

Baker Branding Photos

Youth Baker Branding Photos- Mariah

That passion for baking kept her going, so much so that she opened a sister business for her 8 year old daughter, Mariah of Sloppy Sprinkles …presenting the ice cream and cookie sister brand.

The Grand Opening is coming up November 13th, 2021. The storefront is located at the Southland Mall in Memphis, TN by the front entrance.

Baker Branding Photos

“This is by far one of the biggest, most important things we could have ever done. Having an 8 year old business partner, building generational wealth and teaching her some of the things she will not learn in anybody’s classroom”

-Da’Livya Gordon
Lead Baker Branding Photos- Da’Livya

When it’s time to clock out, every business owner loves their alone time. I can’t even lie. I’m posted up in my house just like this when I need a recharge. I liked the idea of going into her home and capturing the after hours process. It keeps the shoot personable and shows another side of what business owners typically don’t show.

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I feel that it is very important for any brand to capture their authenticity and tell their story to connect with their ideal audience. Remember, not everyone is your customer. The goal is to capture who you are and what you do. If you are in need of Branding Photos for your Email Marketing, Websites, Socials, Etc… Contact Photos and Phases and let us come to you or you can come by our studio to capture your brand’s story.

As always, I hope to connect with you and thank you for sharing space with me!




Baker Branding Photos | Da’Livya


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