Since you're here, Im guessing you can use a lil' bit of organization in that brain of yours.
I got you!

I put together this photoshoot prep that can get you started on planning your next photo session.
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Crazy? Sexy? Cool?

*pun intended* Huge TLC Fan here!!
What's the vibe you're going for?

Trying to narrow down a style can be pretty tough if you're indecisive like myself.
You don't really have a go to style. You just go for whatever you like and that changes!
I get it!! I encourage you to do you.
So, just sift through your closet or look through some of those wish lists
and see what outfits go together. Start there! You got this.

If you're still undecided... Download the Photo Prep to help you narrow down the vibe of your shoot.






places of business


favorite hangout spots



city/ downtown areas


Where is the photo session going to be?

Now Let's Talk Locations

and so much more...

Just look around you.
We are surrounded by so many options when it comes to locations for your photo session.
There's so much to choose from!!
I'll leave it to you to narrow those down. 
You can get more location ideas in the Photo Prep.

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You don't have to have it all figured out.
You dont have to be perfect.
You don't have to know it all.
That's what you have me for!
Just call me your photo sensei.
I've got just the thing to jump start your planning for your photos

Let it Go!

There's Nothing to Worry About

I can't live your life for you but, as the self-proclaimed goofball I am... I will be the one encouraging you to be yourself, 
cheering you on and capturing 
all of those moments along the way.

It was once I finally looked around to see photos of
my family living a life outside of my phone, 
that I realized how I wanted to serve my clients. 
Since 2017 I've been creating relationships with clients that
starts from the first time they visit my website (wink, wink) 
to the moment they receive their photos
that will soon grace the walls of their homes. 

If you're looking for a photographer who is not only
invested in the quality of your experience
but also wants to take care of the all-too-easy-to-put-off parts,
I'm your girl!

Lifestyle photographer
and innovator

Meet KeaShundrea

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