I had two kids with my husband before he became "my husband."
Wesley Jr. and Kelsey stood beside us on our wedding day, reminding us of the legacy we had started, simply by falling in love.

Becoming a mother of two changed the way I see the phases of life. Something that feels messy in the moment could end up
being your greatest blessing.

While our story may not follow a conventional timeline,
it's still worthy of being captured.

Fast forward four years, family photos fill the walls of our home, telling our story without the need for words.

My photography journey and my motherhood journey mirror each other in a lot of ways. Capturing the moments of my children's lives has been more than rewarding. 
However, it often left me frustrated about being too "busy"
to get those pictures framed or that album made,
ultimately resorting to another Facebook post.

It was once I finally looked around to see photos of my family
living a life outside of my phone, 
that I realized how I wanted to serve my clients.
Since 2017, I've been creating relationships with clients that starts
from the first time they visit my website (wink, wink)
to the moment they receive their photos that will soon grace the walls of their homes. 

If you're looking for a photographer who is
not only invested in the quality of your experience 
but also wants to take care of the
 all-too-easy-to-put-off parts,

why photography?

Wanna hear a Love Story?

That's exactly
what I want for you.

I'm your girl. 

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"Your story is the greatest legacy that you will leave."

The Journey

GET TO KNOW KeaShundrea

Nobody is born with a camera in their hand, but I came pretty close.
Being an introvert meant the world always felt more approachable from behind a lens. As a Wedding and Lifestyle photographer,
I show up to offer that same approachable energy to the individual, couple, or family I'm photographing.

I know how awkward it can be to have someone behind a camera telling you to "just be yourself." So, instead, I show up as myself:
Relaxed, playful, trustworthy, compassionate and supportive of whatever phase of life you find yourself in. I've found that showing up as my most authentic self encourages my clients to let their guard down and do the same.

With every new wedding or lifestyle shoot, I feel more honored (and downright excited) to create a seamless photoshoot experience that ends with physical products to show for it. 

When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me relaxing in my most comfy sweat pants, snacking on something strawberry flavored, and watching movies with my husband and kids.

The Wife

GET TO KNOW Keashundrea

If motherhood is an adventure than marriage is an amusement park. There are highs and lows to it all, but there's nobody I'd rather wait in ridiculously long lines with more than this man. We're hard workers, and let's be honest, sometimes life gets crazy in between the downtime we crave. Still, when we put work away and decide to have an adventure (even if that means going grocery shopping together) we have so. much. fun. I'm thankful to have found a partner who supports my personal journey as much as the one we're on together. 

The   Mom

GET TO KNOW keashundrea

My daughter Kelsey, and son, Wesley Jr. are the sweetest blind dates I've ever been on. They showed up unexpectedly and introduced me to the person I didn't even know I wanted to become. Ever since I've focused on not only on loving the heck out of them, but teaching them how to be loving, kind, and compassionate as well. Needless to say, having two babies 15 months apart means there is never (ever) a dull moment, but I wouldn't change a thing. They are my whole world.

As much as I love, and I mean LOVE capturing those sacred "I do" moments,  the reality is that life doesn't start and end with a wedding.
There are many other occasions worthy of being captured as the story of your life continues to be written.

 I've never been one to choose favorites, so at Photos & Phases, our philosophy is to bring "wedding day" level attention to each
and every shoot, no matter the occasion. Whether it's graduations, birthdays, vacations, pregnancy(even if this part comes before marriage), a "day in the life" of your family, or branding photos for your business, it's all welcomed here.
Your story is worthy of being captured at every phase!

Our Philosophy

Every phase of life deserves to be captured.

I'll be at your side to guide you through each
element of the Photos & Phases process.
Before our shoot you'll receive session preparations and timeline suggestions.
Then, I'll show up relaxed and ready to spend quality time capturing the magic only you can create. 

Can I be honest with you though?

One of my greatest fears is that you'll invest in high-quality photos, only to have them sit on your laptop, hard drive, or shared digitally.

 Posting on social media is great,
but what's better is having a statement piece in your home.
That's why I walk my clients through a virtual consultation where we can choose
the exact prints, size, and format that will best fit your space.

A Personal Touch

In short,
all you need to do is show up as you are and relax into the moment. 

I'll handle the rest! 

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