My legacy and motivation to create space for creative CEOs
My legacy and motivation to create space for creative CEOs

April 16, 2023

Rooted: Creative Entrepreneur Journey and Dedications

Rooted: Creative Entrepreneur Journey and Dedications




Sheeshhhhh, its been four months since I’ve written a blog post. But, its been well worth it and you’ll be hearing a lot more from Photos and Phases and how I plan to create space for the Unconventional Creative Entrepreneur as a result of that.

For the Legacy

But back to why we’re here in this sharing. I’d like to honor my legacy and dedicate this to those who I am divinely being guided by, my future legacy and my community that will benefit as a result. So, a little back story to bring you to the present moment…

A Recap of My Journey as a Creative Entrepreneur

I have been divinely guide as a creative entrepreneur, I started this journey officially in 2017 (failed product business in 2011 that literally launched for a couple of weeks and that was it) and I was completely clueless coming into this. Self made. Put a lot of work into this business and did everything from the ground up. And that came with challenges. Doing everything on my own, I felt lost, I felt like I was missing something though

Backstory of the Creative Entrepreneur’s In My Family

So, I was guided to find more about my Great Grandmama Josie B. Caldwell who I never physically met but from what I was told she was a homemaker and spent her whole life making money from her hobby, sewing.

And then theres her sister in law, my great aunt, Ernestine ‘Sweet’ Robinson, who I also never physically [my great grandaddy (who I did have the pleasure to meet) Dempsey Caldwell Sr’s sister]. She never worked for anybody her whole life. She reupholstered furniture and made money in Chicago from her business until the day she died.

The Motivation To Make Space For The Unconventional Creative Entrepreneur

So inspirational right? My people are a whole family of crafters. You can imagine my excitement. Especially after calling my granny up and getting the run down on them after having an ancestral reading. I really felt like I was alone. I couldn’t have been so wrong. So, since then I have been inspired to honor the path of the people who came before me. Also, to take advantage of the opportunities that I have in this technological era, being able to be a full-time creative entrepreneur and to make space for more creative CEOs like me.

Every time I think about these moments and my ancestors, I am reminded of how I create space for the Afro Indigenous, The Unconventional, and Non-Traditional business owners and creatives of today can thrive and create more for our legacies.

My legacy and motivation to create space for creative CEOs
Brand photographer honors the path of the one who come before her.

And this is what keeps me going till this day. So, I honor you Josie B Caldwell, Ernestine ‘Sweet’ Robinson and all ancestors known and unknown who have paved the way for me.

And so it is.

For Creatives


My mission is to encourage Creative CEOs to
authentically & unapologetically tell their stories,
cultivate their unique gifts & passions
and cultivate community, so we can elevate.
For those who paved the way and for the future legacies.


Rooted: Creative Entrepreneur Journey and Dedications


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