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Where Creative CEOS come to cultivate their brand's success with access to the resources, learning and support they need to build sustainable and successful businesses.

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Once I started doing my own thing,
showing up as my true self,
embracing the unique gift I offer to my community,
stopped trying to do what other business owners do,
and owning my unique story.
I haven't turned back since.

Here, we cultivate community for Creative CEOs, encourage you to tell your story,
embrace your unique gifts + passions,
& build successful and sustainable businesses from your whole, healthy, and abundant self.

My mission is to provide the support for
Creative Entrepreneurs to do this successfully.

THIS is why i create space for us.

as an unconventional creative myself,

I am KeaShundrea, a Brand Photographer
and Wholistic Brand Strategist for Unconventional Creatives.

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And thats where The Cultivation Corner's
Creative Growth Community comes in...

An extensive resource library

An opportunity to put what you've learned into practice and participate in bi-weekly virtual group meetups

A chance to connect with other Creative CEOs and accountability partners to stay accountable to your goals.

Receive personalized feedback on your brand-building efforts

The security to join our community w/ confidence: Get 100% Money Back Guarantee if you're not satisfied with the level of accountability and support you receive

The Cultivation Corner is a supportive community committed to fostering the growth, transformation, and development of creative CEOs.

Our mission is to empower members,
no matter if you're starting a new brand
or rebranding an existing one.

As a member you'll have access to knowledge,
a wealth of resources, and ongoing support necessary
to elevate your brand growth &
express your authentic individuality.

Here's Whats Included:

there is power in community

My mission is to encourage Creative CEOs to
authentically & unapologetically tell their stories,
cultivate their unique gifts & passions
and cultivate community, so we can elevate.
For those who paved the way and for the future legacies.

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