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capture the true essence
of who you are,
what you do,
and who you love.

I Believe
Photography Should...

Who's gonna tell your story?

that my friend, is up to you.

What is the story you will tell to those glancing at your photos? What’s the story going to be when someone only has a photo of you and you’re no longer able to speak for yourself?

Embrace who you are,
in this moment.

Those images captured through visual storytelling are not only going to connect you to the people who know, like and trust your brand. It will be a part of the legacy you leave.

Authenticity of real creative brands,
with the visuals to match.

Personal Branding Case Studies

Lets Talk about it

I help Creative Entrepreneurs tell their story through visual storytelling.

Leave it up to me and I will create ALLL day if i can!
This is why my motto is...
You can bring any idea to me & I'll explore everything that connects
that idea right back to you. 
My passion for creating and telling stories allows me to see
the genuine smiles of growing families and the
pure passion of Creative Business Owners.

Habari, I'm KeaShundrea!

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Memphis Photographer + Multi- Passionate Creative

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