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A summer wedding in Pennsylvania at Liberty Mountain Resort.

Liberty mountain resort 

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That's exactly what i want for you

Wanna hear a love story?

I had two kids with my husband before
he became "my husband."
Becoming this growing woman,
a wife,  a mother of two
changed the way I see the phases of life.
Something that feels messy in the moment could end up being your greatest blessing.
While our story may not follow a conventional timeline, it's still worthy of being captured. 

Fast forward  to years later,
family photos fill the walls of our home, telling our story without the need for words.

Im Keashundrea 
but call me keekee 

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It’s not always, love, marriage, THEN a baby carriage. 
Whether your path is traditional or unconventional, 
I'm passionate about capturing your most meaningful moments in the most authentic way.

Every Phase deserves
to be captured
however you want it to be!!
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