Downtown Memphis Photos
Downtown Memphis Photos

November 11, 2021

Pop-Up Photoshoot in Downtown Memphis

Pop-Up Photoshoot in Downtown Memphis



Dining out on a Sunday

I recently took a trip downtown to eat w/ a friend at Majestic Grille (Great food and service btw, The Shrimp and Grits are on point). We did a walk-in that Sunday. So, we took a walk around while we waited for available seats. It is just getting cooler here in the Mid-South TN/MS area so, the weather was perfect to roam the streets of Downtown Memphis. I brought my camera with me but I didn’t expect to have a photoshoot in Downtown Memphis though. It was a pretty magical day, if I say so myself✨✨

Majestic grille Memphis TN
Shrimp and Grits- Majestic Grille.
Downtown Memphis Photos

Photoshoot in Downtown Memphis

First off, let me address how me and my friend couldn’t even focus on our food because we sat outside and we had all these fly a** people walking by us! Good thing I did bring my camera. We could not help but to stop some of these women. I even caught this cute little bouquet and flower cart, Enchante. She was def giving urban french vibes, from the name to the look and the music she was playing on the cart. Owned by a young black woman, of course. Check her out! She said she planned this whole idea during the pandemic. We were intrigued. She was carrying the cart on her bike y’all! I couldn’t leave without getting some photos of her in action. I’m taking my camera with me EVERYWHERE now! I just never know what I might see. I’m not taking the chance to miss any magical moments like these.

Downtown Memphis Photos
Pop Up photoshoot in Downtown memphis – Photos and Phases

So, I have turned this into a thing. If you want to catch me around the city and get On-Location photos. Sign up for my email list to be the first to know where I’m popping up next! Might be another photoshoot in Downtown Memphis, might be a park, might be an event, restaurant… the possibilities are endless, truly. The world is our showroom.

FYI: Pop-Up Photoshoots are severely discounted because they are not intended to be any more than 10-15 minutes. If more time is needed, please Book a Full Session with Photos and Phases. As always, thank you for sharing space with me. I look forward to seeing some of you at these Pop Ups (Don’t forget to subscribe below)!

Downtown Memphis Photos
Pop Up photoshoot in Downtown memphis – Photos and Phases



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Pop-Up Photoshoot in Downtown Memphis


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