How to Create Your Elevator Pitch
How to Create Your Elevator Pitch

May 11, 2022

Creating Your Elevator Pitch

Creating Your Elevator Pitch



Creating Your Elevator Pitch

If you are looking to present your offerings to someone you meet you should be creating your elevator pitch and pitching your brand that first time you connect. I have some tips for pitching yourself:

What is an Elevator Pitch?

An Elevator Pitch is a brief introduction of your brand. With pointing out a few key points of your brand when connecting with others.

State Your Benefits

Include your value. How will your ideal audience benefit from your offerings? People want to know how you can help them. Granted, you may be the talent or the professional but they want to know how what you offer is beneficial to them. That’s the number one thing that should be included in your elevator pitch.

State Your Purpose

Include the purpose of your brand. Why do you do what you do?

Be Confident

Sometimes. you only have one shot to catch someone attention. Be Confident in what you offer. If you dont believe in what you do, then how will someone else? Get so rooted in your purpose and know that you have something that someone out there wants.

Be Unique

Get Creative. How do you differ from the many other Creative Entrepreneurs in your field? If youre having trouble determining what makes your brand unique… Go through some of your clients testimonials. Note the things people say about you repetitively and use that when creating your elevator pitch.

Your pitch is for your ideal audience.

Keep in mind this pitch is for YOUR IDEAL AUDIENCE. Everyone you pitch to won’t necessarily be on the same page.

If you expect to be connecting with people, you should already know these things above. Be ready to pitch your brand anywhere you go! You got this. I’m rooting for you!

How to Create Your Elevator Pitch

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** Disclosure- Every piece of information listed in this article is based upon my own experiences. I feel called to share my experiences in hopes of shedding light to others like me who may be experiencing the same. I speak this read ‘Creating Your Elevator Pitch’ will help someone to develop their own plan from their own understanding and experiences.



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Creating Your Elevator Pitch


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