Unplugged Wedding Sign

It is no surprise that our devices can be a distraction. For an Unplugged Wedding, you can request guests…

Unplugged Weddings makes the best of Wedding Photos!

Unplugged Weddings makes the best of Wedding Photos!




I cannot tell you how many times I have had the chance to get the perfect shot and then boom… You see someone with a cellphone or a mini tv (IPAD) ruining it. So, you’re photographer has a few choices when this happens, take the shot as it is, try another angle and hope the same thing isn’t happening, and/or ask the guest politely to put the phone away or move to the side. All can be a very dangerous game when you could have opted into informing family and friends of an Unplugged Wedding. 

Unplugged Wedding Sign

Unplugged Wedding Sign

What is an Unplugged Wedding?

It is no surprise that our devices can be a distraction. For an Unplugged Wedding, you can request guests to put away all devices during a specified time on your wedding day. This is a great way to keep the intimacy of the wedding and a plus for the wedding photographer you hire to capture the moments on your wedding day.

What is the Point of an Unplugged Wedding?

It reminds your guests about the importance of keeping the intimacy of the ceremony. Your guests will thank you too because now they don’t have to click replay on a video to see you walking down the aisle again.

What If My Guests Hate This Idea?

Don’t get too caught up on if your guests want to! It really is a small request so when you set the expectations they are more likely to be on board. If you think it’s too harsh ofarequest, maybe restrict cell phone usage during a particular part of the day like the ceremony, first kiss, etc.

Family and friends are just as excited as you so I understand not wanting to take away something they truly enjoy. Reassure your guests that you paid good money for a professional to capture those moments. I’m sure they much rather you not turn into The Hulk because they blocked the way of your photographer getting the first kiss!

Are you saying yes to an Unplugged Ceremony? Here’s Where to Start…

Set the expectation for an Unplugged Wedding:
    • Add a note to your wedding invitation informing guests of your wishes during the ceremony.
    • Relay the message on your wedding website.
    • Showcase a sign when guests enter the  ceremony location (Good for reminding your guests right before the ceremony starts) 
    • Before the wedding starts, have someone step to the front and remind your guests to put their phones away.
  • Relay the message via social media platforms like Facebook and Insta or adding them to a private group.
That’s All You Need To Do! Send out the message and be hopeful that you’re friends and family will respect your wishes. You’re off to a super intimate wedding ceremony!

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Unplugged Weddings makes the best of Wedding Photos!


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