Wedding First Look
Wedding First Look

April 18, 2019

3 Reasons to Choose a First Look

3 Reasons to Choose a First Look




If you’re still trying decide whether you want a First Look on your wedding day or you even want to know what it is… Here’s some unbiased insight.

1. More Time for Portraits

A First Look adds value to your wedding day by adding those completed looks to your wedding album. So instead of taking Bridal Party, Family, AND Couples Photos during the Reception/Cocktail hour time… it’ll be done earlier in the day right after the First Look is finished. So, now you’ve relieved a little stress on your Wedding Day Timeline. You haven’t officially tied the knot but now you won’t be pulled in every direction to take photos right after the ceremony. You get a little more time to soak in one of the biggest moments of your lives with enough photos to start off your Wedding Day.


The Peabody Rooftop

2. Location, Location, Location!

A First Look can pretty much be done anywhere. I’m talking rooftops (Like this one on The Peabody RoofTop in Memphis, TN), a fancy lobby of a hotel, gorgeous staircases… anywhere! I know you’ve spotted some pretty nice places around town that would be perfect to get married at but, a ceremony can’t just happen anywhere. You do have to have permission when choosing a location for a First Look… But, it’s a lot easier than going through the hassle of getting permits and proper permissions for a full blown wedding ceremony. Choose to do a First Look if there is a pretty cool spot you’ve kept your eye on and it would suit this occasion better than the ceremony.

3. An Intimate Moment Between The Two of You

When couples look back on their wedding day, the First Look is usually a favorite aside from tying the knot.  You will be surrounded by everyone else more than you’ll be around your spouse to be on your wedding day. So, the First Look gives you and your boo a chance to have an honest intimate moment to yourselves. If you are the type to hold back emotions because everyone else is around… this is the moment you can shed a tear or two.  Go ahead, choose to do a first look. Your guests won’t mind letting y’all have this one moment to yourselves.

You’re probably thinking this is just one more thing you do not need to add your very big list of things. And of course it’s not the traditional way to go about your Wedding Day. There’s nothing wrong with tradition. You just may form your own reason for choosing a First Look. At least think about it. Talk it over with each other and let me know what you come up with. 

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3 Reasons to Choose a First Look


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