Photos and Phases Self Love Series
Photos and Phases Self Love Series

February 10, 2022

Self Love Photo Series


Self Love Photo Series…

Me and DeOnna another amazing multi passionate creative, put up this set about three weeks ago… but ya know life hit me with some curveballs and Ive been taking time this past couple of weeks to lounge and rest.

I just got back in the mood to get up and create. So when I hear people say you can’t mix business with personal… they can’t be talking about a small business owner who’s business runs strictly off of their own craft. Photos and Phases is an extension of me so I had to wait until I was feeling myself again to get this going. Without me, it wouldn’t be. So, this business is in fact mixed with personal…

A message for other creatives and business owners out there… Take time to take care of you, recharge and get back to business on your own time. We want the best of you. We can wait if we have to.

The timing is still perfect.
Self Love Photo Series ongoing until 02/28/22…

🤎 15 minutes w/ the option to Upgrade
🤎 Up to 5 people
🤎 One outfit
🤎 3 edits
🤎 $111
🤎 3 day turnaround

Sometimes is more than just photos. It’s a form of self-love. Do you want to be apart of our Self Love Photo Series? Don’t forget to love on you. Book a session with Photos and Phases.

Queue Nina Simone’s- Feeling Good🎶🎵🎶


Looking to tell your story with personable visuals?

Tell Your Story Through Visual Storytelling.

Self Love Photo Series


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