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What If You Could Get A Bunch of Scroll Stopping Visuals for Your Next Quarter in Just One Day?

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Listen Creatives, If you want more time on the things you love,
the ability to create visuals that connect you to loyal clients- in a LOT less time,
or even if you want high quality visuals that authentically represent your brand and significantly raises your brands awareness.

Then this will be the most important investment into you! Here's why...

Knowing the way to connect w/ the right people using your visuals,
Can mean the difference between,
marketing how you see other business owners do it, hoping it works for you VS
genuinely connecting with your ideal audience and gaining their long time support for your brand .

Discover how my clients have been using visual storytelling to attract their ideal clients... and how you can do it too...

This is what the VIP Brand Day Intensive
helps you with.


VIP Brand Day Intensive

"I cannot say enough GREAT things about Kee Kee with Photos & Phases. She makes you feel so comfortable and confident. She really listens to what you're looking for (when doing a branding shoot). She makes sure she gets the pics you need for marketing and makes you look good while doing it. Then, when you get the pictures back, you are BLOWN away at how AWESOME they are! I HIGHLY recommend Kee Kee with Photos & Phases hands down!."
- Courtney T

  • Your brand needs a refresh.
  • You are on the social media hamster wheel creating content all day, everyday.
  • You are posting and dumping and not getting long lasting results.
  • You are using stock imagery that is not representative of who you are.
  • You are not reaching or attracting your ideal audience.
  • You are tired of doing it yourself with all the roles you have.

Do you feel...

what if i told you that you could overcome these problems and get in done in one day?

3 hour film and/or photograph session personalized for your brand.

Content Creation Strategy for 3 months ready to be batched and automated.

1 hour viewing session to select the favorites from your session to be delivered in 72 hours.

100+ photos and videos for commercial use.

Done for you VIP experience from glam squad, to location scouting to prop selections and more.

The VIP Brand Day Intensive is a one-on-one, 6 hour session for your creative brand where I guide you  to get you 3 months worth of professional and personalized visuals for your content strategy
and I want you to get it done in one day!

 If you've been looking for someone to assist you in raising your brand's awareness and attracting the right people to you, then the VIP Brand Day Intensive is for you.

So What's Included?

So here's the bottom line with the
VIP Brand Day Intensive

The VIP Brand Day Intensive is a one-on-one day rate service. A 6 hour session in studio or at location of your choice for your creative brand where I guide you to get you 3 months worth of professional and personalized photography and film for your content strategy. 

This includes: 

In depth Brand Analysis w/ brand image opportunity, location, prop, and storyboard suggestions
• 3 hour photo session
1 hour viewing session to select your favorite images
content creation strategy for 90 days of content and automation setup
A meal taken care of by Photos and Phases
72 hour Delivery
Commercial use of images

I need the VIP Brand Day Intensive- Day Rate


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1 Year commitment is 4 one-on-one VIP Brand Day Intensives Photo/Video for one full year at $1850 per quarterly session.

Each session includes a 6 hour session in studio or at location of your choice for your creative brand where I guide you to get you 3 months worth of professional and personalized photography and film for your content strategy. 

This also includes: 

Everything the VIP Day Rate includes...
A Special Discount Rate
You choose when your session occur throughout the year.

I need the VIP Brand Day Intensive- One Year Commitment


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The VIP Brand Day Intensive is a Done-For-You Service that is created to free up more time for you as the Creative and get you intentional imagery in return. We do this by planning and prepping your brand well before the VIP Brand Day. Take a look at our process below:

The Process

application/ intake

First, we have to determine if we are the best fit for collaboration on your project.


reserve your VIP Day

Your booking is secured with a signed contract and retainer for services. 


shoot/ content plan

A Brand Analysis  of your brands need is completed and a personalized shoot plan is created for your VIP Brand Day Intensive.


personalized photo/ film session

The Vip Brand Day Intensive! Your 6 hour shoot is happening!!!


viewing session

You select your favorite images on the day of your session for a faster image processing time.


content creation

A 90 personalized and intentional content strategy is created and sent within 3 business days to raise your brands awareness.


Day of the Session

Before the Session

Instill trust and position yourself as the authority in your business, to attract your target market and gain loyal clients.

Have more time freed up to focus on your creative gifts, your passions, and other roles in your personal of business life.

Create an intentional content strategy for the next 90 days in your business with those same visuals .

Have a photography/ film session tailored to your brand's story.

WHAT IF with the vip brand intensive you COULD...

personalized visuals

more time to create
and rest

content strategy
for the quarter

Position your brand
for growth

I started doing my own thing,
showing up as my true self,
and stopped copying what other business owners do.
And I haven't turned back since.

This is where I build longevity in my business. This is where I connect with people who know, like, and trust me as the creative for them. Those people in return are loyal to my offerings, and refer my business without me having to be on the social media hamster wheel.

Here, we cultivate community for Creative Entrepreneurs and encourage them to tell their stories, honor their passions and run businesses from their whole, healthy, abundant selves.

I help Creative Entrepreneurs do this successfully.

heres how and why i can make that promise...

my promise to you

My name is KeaShundrea, a Visual Storyteller
and Creator of Photos and Phases.

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The VIP Day is for Creative Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Professionals of any type in need of visuals and/or a content strategies to raise their brand's awareness and connect with their ideal audience.

Yes, payments plans are available. Payment plans are as follows: Pay in full at booking, Pay half at booking and half on the day before the session, or pay in four increments with the last payment due a day before the session. No services will be rendered on the VIP Day without final payment received. We strongly encourage scheduling your VIP Day Intensive according to your budget should you want to arrange your payments.

We encourage the use of visual storytelling for use all the time in your business for business growth and longevity. So yes, we give a special discount of $350 to those who commit to a 6 month or yearly subscription. Rates are subject to change.

Photos and Phases will travel to Memphis Creative Entrepreneurs and Business Owners and close surrounding areas, at no cost. Sessions occuring in Nashville TN are no additional cost as well. Travel and lodging fees will apply to all participants outside of the photographers travel range, totaling to $3000 + for a VIP Brand Day Intensive. Travel rates may vary. And if you're traveling to us, we will send lodging recommendations during your visit.

The VIP Brand Day Intensive will take place at an undisclosed location in Memphis, TN or Nashville, TN unless otherwise requested. Should you choose a studio environment or a rental home, Photos and Phases will cover cost of the location we choose. Applicants will be responsible for additional costs associated with special requested locations.

Due to the nature of work and timing that goes into the Intensives, Photos and Phases will only accept 4 qualified applicants per month for The VIP Brand Day Intensive. This allows us to offer the best experience to all of our clients. We strongly suggest getting on the waitlist to be notified of openings first hand.

Photos and Phases collaborates with you for an In depth analysis of your current strategies, who you are, why you do what you do, who you do it for, the image opportunities in your business, preferred methods of marketing, desired goals, and so much more. From here, we use your visuals from your VIP Brand Day Intensive to create a strategy to use visual storytelling for the next 3 months. 

Here at Photos and Phases, we screen all applicants to assure we are the best fit before our collaboration together. Due to the time, talent and resources from your photographer, Photos and Phases will not agree to any refunds. 

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